Board Of Directors

John McSweeney
Vice President

A Mill Run member since 2005, John brings over 25 years experience at Xerox and over 10 years in real estate. John is a Commerce graduate from the National University of Ireland and comes with previous board experience. He was elected to the Board in 2017.

Lou Rocha

Lou was elected to the board in 2016 to a three year term. He currently serves as Board Secretary and chairs the Governance and Disclosure committee and the Human Resources committee. He has a background in education with executive leadership at the local and provincial levels. He has been a member of Mill Run since 1998.

Michael Yap

Michael is a graduate from the University of London, England and was elected to the Board in 2017.With an accounting background, Michael has previous work experience as a Director, General Manager of Business Development and Vice-President of various companies. 

Denise Bacon

Denise was elected to the Board as a Director for a three-year term at the 2018 AGM. She has had 30+ years of business experience in the public and private sectors and a long history of volunteer work. Denise is a member of the Marketing and Human Resources committees of the Board. She is an enthusiastic golfer and expects to convert non-golfer friends to this great game!

Jeff Sullivan

Jeff has been a member at Mill Run since 2016 and was elected to the Board in 2018. He received his Chartered Accountants designation in 1982 and is currently serving on the Audit Committee and the Greens Committee.

Neil Baghel

Neil is a Business Administration graduate and has a Project  Management Professional designation. Neil is a strong advocate for increasing the involvement of the younger generation and families in our golfing community. He joined the Board in 2018